Personal Data Protection Law - Taşkonaklar Kapadokya Mağara Otel

Personal Data Protection Law


Your personal data regarding your identity, communication, financial, reservation, visual and audio information and your personal data received for the performance of our services; data controller NBA Consulting Müm. Type. Foreign Trade and Comm. Inc. ( TAŞKONAKLAR ) (“Company”) by us. Your personal data, the execution of the necessary processes for you to benefit from the event services offered by the company, the execution of the contract and the execution of the customer complaints and demands processes, the execution of the analysis processes in order to provide you with a special service for your requests regarding our services, the management of customer relations and the provision of customer satisfaction and healthy communication, It can be processed for the purposes of executing operational processes, executing, controlling and reporting financial operations, executing product and service commitment processes, executing activities in accordance with the legislation. Your personal data; It is transferred to our business partners, affiliates, legally authorized public institutions and private individuals in the country.

By you, our business partners or third parties; your personal data collected through physical, electronic media, written or verbal data transfer; your personal data collected and maintained through physical, electronic media, written or verbal data transfer; Limited to the above-mentioned purposes, personal data may be processed and transferred by automatic and non-automatic means within the scope of the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 5/2 (a), 5/2 (c), 5/2 (f) and 6 of the Law No. 6698. .

If you have a request regarding your rights in Article 11 of the Law; Gedik Sok. No: 8 Uçhisar Nevşehir / TÜRKİYE, you can make an application in person with a wet signature or through a notary public.