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Hotels are distinguished from each other by the features they have. Many years ago, hotel concepts were prepared only to meet the needs of accommodation. In other words, the only purpose of those who preferred the hotel was to meet the need for accommodation at that moment. With the progress of time, there have been changes and developments in the features of the hotels. Many technologies and comforts, especially TV and internet, were fitted into the room.

hotels with fireplaces

With the changing mission and visions, the meaning attributed to the concept of hotel began to change. By moving away from the need for shelter, it has assumed a new role as areas that can benefit from many opportunities. In parallel with this role, the facilities of the hotels were renewed. Today, there are many hotels that provide services to their customers in different concepts. These concepts differ according to the personal tastes, likes and dreams of the customers.

There is a connection between the area where the hotel is located and the features it has. To give an example for concretization, Taşkonaklar, which is among the hotels in the Cappadocia region where Fairy Chimneys are located in the province of Nevşehir in our country, is the concept hotel rooms made of stone. With the concept chosen in accordance with the area it is located in, it becomes possible to spend pleasant moments in the natural cave rooms. In addition, with this natural concept, it becomes possible to experience many natural advantages offered by nature.

Among the most preferred hotel concepts, hotels with fireplaces are among the priorities of many people. In this concept prepared by hotels with fireplaces, it is very easy to have fun and unforgettable moments during the winter months. It should be clearly stated that the concept has many advantages. One of its biggest advantages is that it is suitable and ideal for almost every customer group. To give an example by concretizing; While hotels with fireplaces are among the priorities for honeymooners, rooms with fireplaces are among the priorities for those who want to have a holiday with a group of friends.

Room with Fireplace

Among the hotels with fireplaces, which are among the first choices of different groups, there is Taşkonaklar Hotel. To continue with the same example; The fireplaces in the stone and cave rooms prepared in accordance with the Cappadocia texture allow heating to take place under natural conditions. The concept is completed with a warming model suitable for the natural concept. In addition, spending time sitting around the fireplace, which is among the indispensables of the hotel concept with a fireplace, will be among the unforgettable moments in your life. You have the opportunity to have pleasant conversations around the fireplace, whether with your family or with your group of friends.

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While heating takes place with natural fire in hotels with fireplaces, a unique view will be waiting for you in the room with fireplace. The sounds that the fire makes during its smoldering will be so impressive that it will plunge you into deep dreams. Experiencing unforgettable moments with your loved ones in this atmosphere will increase your happiness. Considering such reasons, hotels with fireplaces come to the fore for different customer groups.

Hotels with fireplaces come to the forefront for those who want to get rid of the houses that are heated by air conditioners, heaters and electric stoves in city life and prefer healthy heating accompanied by natural wood fire. In addition, a generation that grew up in the warmth of a wood or coal stove years ago, over time, air conditioning and so on. Although he is used to heating with the elements, he always yearns for the warmth of the stove. In this case, he may want to spend his holiday in a hotel with a fireplace. The hotels with fireplace rooms, which have managed to appeal to many different groups, are at the top of the preferences.

The atmosphere provided by the fireplace in the room will take you on a journey through time. In addition to living in the moment, it will also enable you to go to your memories and eliminate your longing for the past. The mentioned hotel concepts should not reveal a primitive hotel idea in you. Taşkonaklar Hotel offers all the facilities of today’s technology to its guests. But the concept of the hotel is in favor of naturalness. In the stone and cave rooms, there are many services that are not counted such as jacuzzi, air conditioning, fireplace, internet, TV. The concept of the fireplace arises from the fact that the elements that cannot be experienced in city life include details that will make a difference through vacation. In addition, not all rooms of the hotel, but preferred rooms have fireplaces. This gives guests the freedom to choose the room that best suits their preferences and decisions.

Differentiating concepts of hotels make it easy for everyone to find a hotel with the features they want. You have the freedom to choose among the hotels with the features that can meet your needs, whatever you need to experience the holiday of your dreams. Rooms with fireplaces are seen as a rising value among the most preferred hotel concepts.

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06 September 2022
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