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Now that you have arrived in Cappadocia how are you going to get around from site to site?

You have a few options but Cappadocia is quite spread out some valleys and the underground cities being 45 − 90 minutes away from Uçhisar by car. We recommend thinking about this ahead of time which is why we are giving you this information.

What is your preferred mode of transportation? You have a number of alternatives for getting around Cappadocia assuming you do not have your own car.

1. Rent a car – If you did not rent a car and drive to Cappadocia, you can easily rent one after you arrive. Your cave hotel will be able to help you arrange it or you can go yourself. A number of companies along the main strip in Göreme are happy to serve you directly. Most travel agents will be able to help as well.

2. Rent a scooter – For a reasonable fee you can rent a scooter and see all the sites in Cappadocia. Of course, this depends on good weather so you probably should not plan on this option between December and February, or at least bring heavy coats and rain gear.

3. Public Transportation – This is the least expensive option but is also quite slow as buses generally run every hour. If you do have time, then this is a viable option as buses go most places in Cappadocia. You will need to know clearly where you are going and should probably carry a map so you can more easily ask directions from those with limited English.

4. Hire a driver and car – Your hotel will be happy to arrange this as will most travel agents. Of course this costs more money, but the total cost may be less as you will not have to stress with directions and can maximize your time in different places. The driver will follow your schedule picking you up when you wish, waiting while you visit different places, and taking the most direct routes so as to allow you to spend time as you wish.

5. Rent a bicycle or walk – It may be that you will use a combination of these options. One day you may just want to hang out around Uçhisar and Göreme and will not need a car. Just walking or renting a bicycle will allow you to easily cover the ground on your agenda.

6. Package Tours – If you plan to see Cappadocia through daily tours, then transportation will be provided from and to your hotel each day. However, this will generally not cover evening activities so you will need to plan for these times. Ask your cave staff for more information about this option.

Only you know whether getting lost and asking directions from people who do not speak your language is stressful or thrilling for you. With this information and your own self-awareness now you will be able to decide which options for getting around Cappadocia are best for you.

Please do let us know your experiences by leaving a comment below. You will be helping future travellers.

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23 January 2023
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