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When we speak of Cappadocian cuisine, we are actually talking about a wide geography. This gives us the chance to create a unique experience that draws from Anatolian, Greek, Armenian and Ottoman cuisines. We are waiting for you with our Cappadocia restaurant Moniq, which we created to make you experience this in its best way, and our bars in our garden.

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  • We don`t introduce any product that we won’t buy to our home kitchen
  • We are careful to buy every product locally
  • Vegan and gluten-free options are also a real experience rather than mediocre options

We strive to connect you with the local culture and local taste rather than just some conventional food on your plate 

Our restaurant is open all day and evening; Moniq

A unique dining experience in a cave; Dinq

Our bars are located in two gardens, both with magnificent views

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with options for any time of the day

  • Our carefully selected and prepared coffees
  • Our juices with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Cocktails
  • An extensive wine menu
  • Whiskey and accompaniments