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Get a Shave in Cappadocia



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If you are male and are visiting Cappadocia, forget your razor. Instead treat yourself to the least expensive bit of luxury maybe anywhere in the world. Head to the Kuafor Shop in the center of Uchisar and get a shave. (Most barbers will not speak English so you will need to know one Turkish word: “Sakal”.)

What is so special about a shave, you ask?

This is not JUST a shave. Let us explain…

The barber sits you down in his comfy chair, drapes a towel over your chest, lathers up his horse-hair brush with hot, soapy water and starts coating your jaw. After a few minutes of rubbing when your skin is nice and soft, he takes his gentle hand and straight razor and removes your whiskers. Then he does it again. You won’t see a 5 o’clock shadow for 2 days at least.

With your face done he perfects the rest of your head. He removes any hair on the back of your neck, ears, and nose.

Then when your face is feeling raw he splashes some lemon cologne on his hands and applies the burning solution to your virgin skin. Ouch! But with his massaging touch it is a good pain.

Next his strong hands massage in healing lotion. Then comes the massage which starts with the neck and shoulders, goes to the back and arms, and ends with the face leaving you a mass of jelly in the chair.

You will walk out a new man and all of this for under $5!

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15 January 2023
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