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Buying Pottery in Cappadocia



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Have you thought about buying Cappadocian pottery as a gift or keepsake when you visit this beautiful region?

Cappadocia may have more master potters per capita than anywhere else in the world. This means that a unique ceramic pot made from the clay of the Red River in Avanos may be the perfect handicraft to remind you of the wonderful time you spent here.

For as long as people have lived along the river, they have used the rich red clay to make pots for practical use. Over time masters (Turkish: Ustas) perfected their craft, taught their children, and generations later, when tourists started visiting in droves, a healthy industry was ready to receive and amaze them.

These pottery masters make almost everything imaginable in their workshops and allow visitors an opportunity to try their hand. Can you “throw” a pot or does the process make you want to literally throw something?! Regardless, this is your chance to show off your (lack of) skills. Sitting at the potter’s wheel is fun (especially for kids) and free.

Once you are done you will want to do some shopping. The most popular pieces are the ancient Hittite imitation pieces including the donut-shaped wine bottle with its unique shape and colorful designs.

Avanos and Cavusin are the places to go if you are interested in experiencing Cappadocian pottery. If you do go, we would like to give one word of advice for those of you not attached to a big tour group. You have a choice as to which shop to give your business so make the most of it. Do not be in a hurry. Go to a few shops and check out the variety. As you get an idea of what you want, you will see that prices can vary significantly. The salesman will expect you to bargain so do not disappoint him.

Once you return home, Cappadocia will always remain close at heart when you gaze upon your pottery prominently displayed in your living room.

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07 January 2023
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