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Our story began back in 2003, when my mother came to Cappadocia with her friends as a tourist, fell in love with Uçhisar and found a beautiful old house  to renovate with a vineyard on it.

What started as a small cosy house to spend a couple of months turned into a 6-room hotel during the renovations even though it wasn’t what my mom dreamt of! Eventually, we bought the house right next to the restoration for her. Now sitting right next to the hotel with the lovely green blinds, you can see her on its terrace enjoying the view and the weather.

Within the years we kept on investing and grew into a 25-room unique luxury hotel providing exceptional guest service and an unforgettable accommodation experience.

This is why you will always feel the warmth of a family, combined with attention to detail, a team eager to fulfill your wishes with high-quality service and true hospitality at its heart.

We admire Cappadocia’s history, miraculous nature and the cultures it harbors and we strive to help our guests experience the culture and texture of the region in the most unique and comprehensive way.

We strive to become a meeting point where visitors of all languages, religions and origins, who want to have an unforgettable Cappadocia experience in line with these values, can come together and socialize.

Our Core Values are;

  • Authentic and unique experiences
  • Sincerity
  • Supporting the local community and local production
  • Respect for nature
  • Healthy living

What Awaits you at

A unique region in the world created by the integration of man, history and nature. It is a dream town with its fairy chimneys formed by erosion over thousands of years, valleys, underground cities created by people carving for shelter and protection, rock churches and centuries-old frescoes that are still alive.

Welcome to Taskonaklar for a unique

Experience in Cappadocia

We admire the history of Cappadocia, its miraculous nature and the cultures it hosts.
As a team, our priority is to get to know Cappadocia better and thus convey it better to our guests.
As Taşkonaklar Family, we work to make our guests experience the culture and texture of the region perfectly with our friendly team, our architecture, the tastes we offer, and our experiences inside and outside the hotel.
During our operation, we adopted the principle of respecting nature and living creatures, supporting local and natural production, and minimizing our consumption.

We aim to be a meeting point where visitors from all languages, religions and races, who want to live the Cappadocia experience in an unforgettable way in line with these values, can come together and socialize.

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