Cappadocia Weather

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Do you appreciate uncertainties when you are planning your vacations?

Neither do we, which is why we want to help you with the Cappadocia weather forecast and weather in Cappadocia

Cappadocia has four distinct seasons and is relatively mild in each of them. The winter lasts from November through March, April to mid-June ushers in the spring, and then summer runs through the end of August. September and October bring about the fall transition back to winter.

Generally speaking, Cappadocia’s is a dry climate, do not expect much humidity. Look for some winds in the spring and some fog in the late fall. Rain in the summer is a rarity but not uncommon in the fall and spring with a few snowfalls each winter. The hot air balloons fly up to 330 days per year!

WINTER Weather in Cappadocia

The winter will see a few snowfalls with 15 centimetres being a lot for one storm. Cappadocia weather during the winter months is quite unpredictable. One day could be cold and rainy, the next snowy, and the next nice and sunny. Oftentimes the extended forecast is wrong so if you are coming to stay in a cosy cave hotel during these months, be sure to dress in layers and include a winter coat. Most days will be near freezing and the nights will see negative temperatures. Those who get to see Cappadocia blanketed with snow experience a special treat, but predicting which days will snow is nigh impossible.

SPRING Weather in CappadociaSprint in Cappadocia

Late April and May are the nicest months to visit Cappadocia. In early April expect windy days and a number of hot air balloon cancellations but by the end of the month and all of May the rains usually have stopped and most every day is paradisical. Expect temperatures on most days to be between 20-25 celsius with sunny skies (the first half of April is more uncertain). On a few days do not be surprsied to run for cover from a scattered thunderstorm.


SUMMER Weather in Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s summers are dry and hot but not oppressive. As you look around the towns and villages, you will notice that very few of the local residents have air conditioners. This is because the temperatures reach 40 degrees celsius for 3-4 weeks at most, usually from late July to late August. These are the most certain days with an almost monotonous perfection- sunny, dry, and hot. Ahhh, Cappadocia weather in the summer.

AUTUMN Weather in Cappadocia

Autumn in CappadociaCappadocia’s fall mirrors the spring. September and October along with late April to early June are the nicest times to be in Cappadocia if nice weather is your cup of tea. Warm sunny days followed by cool evenings with beautiful sunsets every night.

And thus we have completed the circle through a year of Cappadocia weather.

Whether you prefer sitting by your cozy cave room fireplace while it is snowing outside or hiking the valleys in shorts and sunglasses, now you know when to book your trip.

Cappadocia Weather in January

 In January, one of the harshest months of the winter season, the weather in Cappadocia is quite cold. In this month when snowfall is effective, you will experience white, one of the most beautiful colors of Cappadocia. The view of the natural beauties covered with a white veil is insatiable. Although the weather is cold and snowy, you can visit natural beauties and museums, and enjoy ballooning in appropriate weather conditions. You can enjoy the white cloth of nature and try the local tastes with the wines of the region. January is one of the most appropriate months for those who want to experience a romantic holiday. Especially if your hotel room has a fireplace the experience becomes even better.  You can take walks in the magic of white and join horse riding tours.  You can enjoy the Turkish Night which is specially arranged for you, with local shows and dances at night. Enjoy a nice dinner at the comfort of your hotel’s restaurant or simply order to the room and enjoy a private dinner in front of your fireplace with your loved one.

What to wear in Cappadocia in January? Anything and everything to keep you warm! Puffy coats and inner layers are always a good option especially thermal ones. Thick socks and good water-resistant walking boots.October in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Weather in February

This month is cold and snowy like January. You can enjoy the natural museums and the valley during the daytime if there isn’t too much snow to prevent walking, and if you wish, you can try the culture in the underground city with excitement. After your cultural tours, you can greet the fairy chimneys with a nice wine and buy local gifts for your loved ones. You can relieve the tiredness of the day by drinking wine by the fireplace at night.

If your question is “does hot air balloons fly in the winter?”, the answer is yes. What prevents the balloons to take off is not snow but wind. So, in the winter you have the chance to view an amazing Panorama of Cappadocia covered in white.

What to wear in Cappadocia in February? February is as cold as January. You need to put some woolen sweaters in your suitcase. You will need thermal inner layers and puffy coats. You can bring your water-resistant boots and your scarf, hat and gloves not to feel cold.

Cappadocia Weather in March

In this beautiful month when the weather starts to warm up gradually, you can watch the sunrise from the balloon and say hello to the day in the balloon. You can freely experience the magic of Cappadocia by equipping your daily trips with wine and local flavors. You can make pottery and take the pottery you made to your loved one as a memory.

What to wear in Cappadocia in March? In March the weather is not as cold as it is in January or February but you still need to protect yourself from cold, so make sure to bring your thick clothes and boots. If you are lucky, the weather can be sunny during the day but it still bites you!!!

Cappadocia Weather in April

The color of White Cappadocia starts to change in this month. The dominance of green and other colors begin to dominate nature. More tourists start to show interest in the region when compared to the winter months. You can greet the color of the valley and the splendor of the fairy chimneys with the awakening of nature. You can take part in cultural tours or horse-riding tours accompanied by a guide. For those who love speed, you can visit the region with ATVs or quad bikes. You can try local flavors in the bazaar and buy many gifts for your loved ones. Valley walks are a great option as well.

What to wear in Cappadocia in April? The weather starts to get warmer but not warm. If you are lucky, the sun shines during the day and the sunshine makes you feel warm. But at nights it is still cold. You can bring your coat and raincoat with you. You can put on your sneakers during the day, but you need your boots at night. You may bring an umbrella with you. Spring days may have short lasting rains.

April May in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Weather in May

In the most beautiful month of spring, Cappadocia warms the heart with all its colors. You get the chance to breathe the scent of awakened nature all over the valley. You can watch the sunrise or sunset in the balloon with your wine or make long visits to natural beauties. You can catch the insatiable rhythm of Turkish music by spending time in the Ihlara valley and relieving your tiredness with local delicacies.

What to wear in Cappadocia in May? Springtime. There is saying in Turkish, the weather is like lemonade. It is neither cold nor too hot. You can take a jacket and a sweater with you. An umbrella shouldn’t be forgotten as well as a hat for sunny days. Nights are always chilly. 

Cappadocia Weather in June

The crowded region is ready to welcome its guests from all over the world. You can do any activity (hot air balloon ride, visiting the canyons etc.) you can do in the winter with the warmth of the summer season. With the holidays in schools, children can experience this magical atmosphere and add insatiable moments to their memories. All the beauties say hello to you warmly this month.

What to wear in Cappadocia in January? It is warm, sometimes hot. Thin clothes will be needed. At nights, it is still cool so you can take a jacket or a sweater for nights.

Cappadocia Weather in July

You should not forget your hat while you are traveling in the hot summer months. You can feel the effect of the sun all day. This month, which is the high season, is very exciting for Cappadocia. The beauties of Cappadocia will not leave you alone on hot and long days. Enjoying balloons in summer is something else. Due to the long days, you can take longer tours of the region and enjoy the long days.

It is true that it can get quite hot during the day but because there is no humidity it is not an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience. A small shade of a tree or umbrella is more than enough.

Don’t forget that it will still be chilly in the evenings so make sure to have a jacket or a long sleeve to enjoy the open air and alfresco dining on the garden of your hotel

What to wear in Cappadocia in July? Sweating time. Very hot. Don’t forget to bring your hat and sun cream. Thin clothes. Sandals or sneaker.

July in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Weather in August

“One of the hottest months is August and it is the month mostly preferred by families. The happiness and the pleasure of holidays with children is marvelous. Families, who enjoy introducing a new culture to their children, add the fairy chimneys and hospitality of Cappadocia to their memories.

Our tip for a long sleeve for the evenings apply for august as well

What to wear in Cappadocia in August? Sweating time. Very hot. Don’t forget to bring your hat and sun cream. Thin clothes. Sandals or sneaker.

Cappadocia Weather in September

Green Cappadocia slowly starts to turn orange. It is one of the most beautiful months to experience Cappadocia. It is warm during the daytime, but cold at night. You can easily visit natural and touristic places and enjoy the fairy chimneys in a nice cafe.

What to wear in Cappadocia in September? During the day it is hot but cold at nights. Thin clothes with a sweatshirt and jacket. Maybe a raincoat

Cappadocia Weather in October

The weather starts to cool down slowly. This coldness does not hinder you from getting to explore the region. We recommend you see Cappadocia, which is beautiful in every season, especially in October. In this month when we celebrate our Republic Day, you can experience the red and white color of the region. You can enjoy Turkish October.

What to wear in Cappadocia in October? Time for thick clothes and boots. Don’t forget your woolen shirts!!!

Cappadocia Weather in November

You can take a tour to visit Cappadocia valley, you have time to see churches and chapels in beautiful November. As it is said, Love is fantastic in November. Yes, Cappadocia is fantastic in November especially with a fireplace in your room!

What to wear in Cappadocia in November? Cool and cold. Chances are that it will rain. Thick clothes, boots and your warm socks!!!

Novamber in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Weather in December

In this month when you are getting ready to wait for the new year, you will experience the illuminated states of Cappadocia. Saying hello to the new year with fairy chimneys and entering the new year with the delicacies of the region will be a great memory. if you are lucky enough it might even snow by Christmas and new year.

What to wear in Cappadocia in December? Thick and woolen clothes. Coat and boots. Scarf,hat and gloves. Don’t forget  a fancy dress for the new year celebration 🙂

Cappadocia Weather and Your Ideal Trip

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Now is the time to decide the time when you can plan your trip to Cappadocia. All four seasons have their pros and cons. Some people love to enjoy the snowfall on their trips, while others prefer to have a smooth summer breeze with their cup of tea in the morning. It all depends on the type of person you are.

Cappadocia Weather and Your Ideal Trip
Cappadocia Weather and Your Ideal Trip

Cappadocia Weather and its Characteristics

Since the weather at Cappadocia is quite unpredictable, the beauty of the climate is still there and people keep planning to visit this region. The summers are too hot, but people get a chance to enjoy the snowfall in winters. Although it is rare, it is still a great pleasure for the people of a region who are burnt by the warm atmosphere of summer.

Moreover, the temperature also varies between day and night timing. In the daytime, the temperature stays moderate and turns cold at night. The land absorbs very less rain as the ratio of rain in Cappadocia per year is less.

Cappadocia is located over 1000 meters above sea level. It demonstrates the ever-changing weather situations there. The charm of Cappadocia weather lies in the fact that people there enjoy all seasons.

Being the law of nature, change in weather is inevitable. In summer, when the sun burns the skins of people, snowfall in winter becomes a source of comfort and pleasure for people. The peaceful breeze of spring and the appeasing sound of falling leaves in autumn become the source of mental peace for the inhabitants.

Cappadocia Weather in January

In January, winter is at its peak. The temperature of Cappadocia in January is very low and at night, it often goes negative. It has become the favorite tourist spot for those people who love winter. The snow ends falling in late December and January comes with coldness.

Cappadocia Weather in January
Cappadocia Weather in January

Outfit that Can Protect you From Cold

It becomes mandatory to wear double and triple layers of clothes in January. The cold temperature makes the people stick to their homes. A single jacket is enough when winter starts but after December, survival in a single jacket gets hard.

Thus, you will find people wearing coats and double layers of clothes in January. It is better to keep two or three jackets in your bag if you plan to visit Cappadocia in January.

Recreational Activities

Due to snow and cold temperature, most recreational activities take a pause. In January, the most played game by the people in Cappadocia is skiing. The 3000 meters mountain range covered with snow adds beauty to the scene.

Other than this, people also play other off-road activities in January. One of the finest examples is Quad biking tours. This becomes the source of pleasure for the people of Cappadocia in the chilliness of January.

Safety Measures for Trip

It is not uncommon to plan your trip to Cappadocia in January. Winter lovers plan to visit the region in the same month and enjoy the cold weather. Moreover, people also visit the place in winter to enjoy skiing and Quad biking.

You must be cautious about a few things before planning your tour to Cappadocia. Due to the unpredictability of the weather and low temperature in January, do not forget to keep heavy jackets in your bag. Moreover, try to keep necessary items and a little food to avoid any uncertainty.

Trip to Cappadocia in September

To view an aesthetic sunset with fallen leaves on the ground is a dream for many. Those who love to spend some moments aside from the hassles of life take their time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Cappadocia in autumn is the perfect choice for such people.

The Temperature in September

The warm breezes of the summer come to an end when September begins. It becomes a time of great pleasure because the temperature falls from 40 degrees celsius to 20-25 degrees celsius.

The daytime temperature stays moderate, which turns into an amazing sunset view followed by a cold evening. At night, the temperature falls even more than it does during the day.


On average, the sun stays for 10 hours per day in September. Moreover, on an average of 5 days, rain falls there. The rest of the 25 days are dry.

Some Must-do Things on Your Trip to Cappadocia

No matter what time of the year you visit Cappadocia, you will find a bunch of activities happening there. These activities will make your trip amazingly memorable. Cappadocia is a land of aesthetics and pleasure. You will never regret your trip to Cappadocia if you enjoy the following activities during your stay at Cappadocia.

Dervish Dance

One of the most sensational things you can do in Cappadocia is to observe the dervish dance. The best whirling dancers of Cappadocia perform the art and their dance has the power to make anyone love the dervish dance. You can enjoy the dance throughout the year.


The next thing on the list is cycling. If you visit Cappadocia and do not discover the swanky valleys on a cycle, your trip is incomplete. Cycling on these tracks can reveal the true aspects of nature to you.

Except in winter, you can do this job anytime. From April to November, the valleys and their upbeat tracks welcome you.

Snowboarding and Skiing

As mentioned earlier, the activities in winter are not in abundance. However, skiing and snowboarding attract many people in the winter.

If you visit Cappadocia in winter, do not forget to have a lovely experience of skiing and snowboarding in the mountains covered with snow. The best time for skiing and snowboarding starts in late December until March.

Cappadox Festival

It would be best not to miss the Cappadox festival in Cappadocia. The festival happens in June. The sensational music, art, and other activities capture people’s attention in the middle of summer.

Ballooning Challenge

Another eye-capturing event of the year is the ballooning challenge. If you are on a trip to Cappadocia, take a balloon flight and enjoy the superb scenery of Cappadocia from heights.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, the gorgeous weather of Cappadocia grabs the attention of tourists throughout the year. Though unpredictable, the weather and the unique charm of every season of Cappadocia stand out. You must plan your visit to Cappadocia and save some memories for your life.

Places to visit in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the amazing countries to visit with its exceptional cultural heritage, history and beautiful scenery. It depends on what your aim is. If you want a vacation away from the busy life of a city, maybe you want to lie on a beach, or want to visit a rich historical site, or stay at the coastline and visit the bays and valleys and islands. For something truly off the beaten path you can visit the Soda lake in Van, or spend a few days in a small city called Amasya situated in a narrow valley on the banks of a river in Black Sea region. Maybe you would like to see the ancient city Ephesus which is  home to the Temple of Artemis and which is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a Roman archeological site in Selçuk, İzmir Province. It is also where the Virgin Mary’s House is located (Bulbul Mountain, Ephesus).

Cappadocia weather

Another popular place to visit is Antalya with its beaches. You can visit Düden Waterfalls in Antalya to get away from the heat and cool off. You can also visit the Aspendos amphitheater here. If you like paragliding, beaches and beautiful scenery, Ölüdeniz is a charming village where you can feel the tranquility of the nature. Also, Pamukkale, in Denizli which is in the southwestern Turkey, is famous among tourists with its thermal springs and ancient ruins from the city of Hierapolis. The ruins are Unesco world heritage site.

Another stunning historical place to visit is Mount Nemrut in Adıyaman. It is home to archeological sites and it is also a Unesco World heritage site. In southeastern Anatolia, Mardin is a stunning city with its architecture and beautiful location on a rocky hill. Of course, Istanbul, the largest and most famous city in Turkey where east meets the west with its history and scenery is worth visiting. Hagia Sophia Bosphorus, The Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet area is just a few of the sites you can see in Istanbul.

When we move to central Turkey, Cappadocia is a beautiful region with the fascinating scenery of cave dwellings, rock formations and hot air balloons. A truly otherworldly destination with its amazing landscape. There are hiking trails to explore the region. The sun sets are unique in Red Valley. In Rose Valley, you can visit the ancient church inside one of the caves, see the rock formations and enjoy the adventure. Flying in a hot air baloon to see the cave dwellings of Göreme town with hundreds of balloons in the sky at sunrise is a sight to see in Cappadocia. In the Pasabag Valley, you can see the fairy chimneys which are really stunning. A rock sits on top of the chimney to keep the balance in stormy weather.

Taşkonaklar Cappadocia Hotel

You can stay in cave hotels and if you want to feel at home, Taşkonaklar Cappadocia Hotel, in Uçhisar Cappadocia is a style luxury cave hotel. You can enjoy the heritage old civilizations and the beautiful architecture in this hotel. When the inhabitants of these houses left the area for more modern dwellings, Taşkonaklar Hotel was built preserving the historical texture, each stone and every old chimney were protected. You can watch the chimneys and the hot air balloons at sunrise from Taşkonaklar Hotel. There are trips with expert guides from the hotel such as trekking and horseback riding to the neighbor village. Enjoy Turkey, Enjoy Cappadocia in Taşkonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia style decorated rooms.

How to Get to Cappadocia from Istanbul

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You might be wondering about what is the best way to go to Cappadocia and how to get to Cappadocia.

We will explain it according to the means of travel;

Get a Shave in Cappadocia

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Can we make a recommendation?

If you are male and are visiting Cappadocia, forget your razor. Instead treat yourself to the least expensive bit of luxury maybe anywhere in the world. Head to the Kuafor Shop in the center of Uchisar and get a shave. (Most barbers will not speak English so you will need to know one Turkish word: “Sakal”.)

Buying Pottery in Cappadocia

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Have you thought about buying Cappadocian pottery as a gift or keepsake when you visit this beautiful region?

Cappadocia may have more master potters per capita than anywhere else in the world. This means that a unique ceramic pot made from the clay of the Red River in Avanos may be the perfect handicraft to remind you of the wonderful time you spent here.

Open Air Museums

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Most visitors to Cappadocia visit the Goreme Open Air Museum for good reason. Where else in the world can you find a grouping of 1000-year-old cave churches with magnificent Byzantine era paintings of Biblical scenes?

Are you planning on buying a Turkish carpet in Cappadocia?

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If so, you need to read this. Few things are as beautiful or will make such a Wow! impression as a Turkish rug in your home. But you want to be sure you have no regrets. This post will help towards that goal and answer your question on How to buy a Turkish carpet or Turkish rug

There are 9 characteristics to think about in the carpet buying process. The better you understand these, the happier you will be with your selection.


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Now that you have reserved your transportation and hotel, the time has come to decide what to do in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia’s activity list is almost infinite but most people only spend a few days here and, therefore, they have to decide between the top options.

Below you will find a list of the most popular things to do in Cappadocia. As you plan your days you can refer to this list to make sure all your favorites are included.

* Hot air balloon ride – This is probably the biggest draw. The opportunity to see this magical landscape from above while quietly floating in and out and around the valleys and fairy chimneys occurs once in a lifetime for most people. Be sure to schedule this early in your trip in case bad weather forces cancellations. Your hotel will be happy to help you book your trip. The prices of the flights can change from season to season.

* Göreme Open-Air Museum – On a hill side outside of Göreme sit a gaggle of 1100 year old cave churches with beautiful frescoes covering the walls. Expect to spend about 2 hours here. An audio guide is available at the gate.

* Underground city – Of the hundreds of underground cities lying beneath the surface of Cappadocia only a few are open to the public. The two biggest are Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı. They are massive going 100 meters underground with countless tunnels and rooms. Unlike the open air museum they have little available information so you may want to have a guide when you visit.

* Hiking Valleys – The Cappadocia landscape is littered with valleys most of which center around Göreme. Each of them has a hiking trail that leads by cliffs full of caves, fairy chimneys with remnants of former civilizations, and orchards and vineyards. The most popular are Pigeon, Love, Swords, Red/Rose, and Zemi Valley. About an hour and a half away the Ihlara Valley is actually a captivating river gorge. Pack a picnic with water, put on a sturdy pair of shoes, grab your camera and enjoy a day in nature.

* Turkish Night and/or Whirling Dervish – On one evening plan on experiencing a cultural feast. All you can eat and drink while watching a host of different cultural dances. If you can help it, try not to plan this for the night before your balloon ride as you will be up late and have to get up extra early, not a good combination for most people.

* Ürgüp Wine & Kuruyemis – If you like wine, then you need to take some time in Ürgüp tasting the different wines made from local grapes. The wine industry is quickly developing, and although it does not compete with France yet, most people enjoy the local offerings. Ürgüp has a number of places that are happy to let you sample their many varieties. Also, Ürgüp is known for the wonderful dried fruits and nuts grown and produced in Turkey. Along the main square sit a number of shops eager for you to sample their products. Be careful because once you taste their delicacies you will not leave until your arms are full and your wallet is empty!

* Avanos pottery – The red river produces a red clay that is perfect for ceramic pottery. The trade has developed around the area for centuries and there are today no lack of masters plying their trade for the many international visitors. They give free demonstrations and even allow you to try your hand at throwing a pot with no obligation to buy anything.

* Avanos Red River Jet Boat, Gondola, Cafes – Over the last few years Avanos has worked hard to develop the banks of the river that cuts right through the middle of town. You can easily spend a day playing in the park with your kids, sitting in a riverside cafe, riding in a gondola, or speeding up and down the river in a jet boat. Include this with a visit to a pottery shop, and you will not be disappointed.

* ATV and/or Horseback Riding – For a reasonable price you can rent an ATV and speed around Cappadocia’s dirt roads or become a cowboy and tour the valleys and hills of the area.

* Uchisar/Ortahisar – These two ancient rock towers provide a wonderful view of the surrounding area and are well worth the climb. The towns that have grown around them are happy to serve their visitors with a host of shops and restaurants.

* Zelve/Cavusin/Pasabag – Ancient churches, breathtaking fairy chimneys, beautiful views, and fun hikes are available in these neighboring sites.

* Sunset Point – A short hike up the hill towering over the south side of Göreme you will find a small platform from which you can watch Cappadocia’s captivating daily sunset. For couples this is a romantic opportunity not to be missed.

* Mustafapaşa – In 1923-24 all the Greek Christians in Turkey were sent to Greece (and the Muslim Turks in Greece were sent to Turkey). This mass migration left countless empty homes across Anatolia. Most of them are not recognizable anymore but in Mustafapaşa, a village 15 minutes outside of Ürgüp, you can catch a glimpse of their lives and culture.

* Various overlook points – These are points from which you can see Göreme or Pigeon Valley or various other beautiful parts of the region. These are usually included on the package tours to give visitors good photo opportunities.

* Belisirme Monastery – This amazing monastery is built into the side of a cliff that sits right outside of the Ihlara Valley. It is included on the Green Tour.

* Soğanlı Valley – Another region of the area with cave churches, hiking trails, and shopping opportunities. This area is highlighted on the Blue Tour.

* Besides the wine and pottery listed in the previous section, you can also shop for carpets and onyx jewelry. These shops are located in most every town in the region. The package “color” tours will usually include a visit to one type of shop.

Wow! That is a list. Now that you have added a few days to your trip (or started planning your return!), you need to make some decisions.

Put all of this together, list your priorities, and have a great time. Your cave hotel manager will be happy to help you arrange transportation, tours, hot air balloons, or whatever you need. If you are not sure, plan on sitting down with them once you arrive and mapping out your stay. Or you can email ahead of time and work it out.

Let us know how it goes.

Taskonaklar Hotel Furnishings and Design

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Many of our guests ask about the interior design and furnishings of our rooms. We thought it would be helpful to talk about that in a blog post and here it is.

Maybe the first thing our guests notice about our rooms is the almost exclusive use of natural materials. Except for the flat screen TV, wireless modem, and refrigerator in each room you will be hard pressed to find any plastic. All the decoration is wood, stone, metal, and glass.

Our owners, Mr. Bulent and his son Tolga, have collected antiques from all over Turkey. These have each been carefully selected for each room including refashioning pieces into the beautiful glass covered tables. This includes the old handmade Turkish carpets and even the fireplaces. If the room’s original fireplace was not usable, then we searched other old homes to find authentic stone fireplaces. And you can enjoy the fire while lounging in the antique or custom made beds with top quality mattresses in each room.

Then we used over 50,000 hand cut Saritas stones from Nevsehir for the inside and outside walls of the hotel. Of course, this does not include the marble used in the spacious bathrooms each of which is fitted with a rain and regular spray shower. Each room was kept as closely as possible to its original shape. The hotel is made up of a number of old houses that have been renovated and luxurified while preserving the basic structure.

But we did not avoid anything to make our guests comfortable. The tap water is purified making it drinkable. But for those guests who are still unsure, we include 2 complimentary bottles of water in the minibar/fridge. We have also included complimentary coffee and teas and a complimentary 5 o’clock afternoon tea and cake time for all of our guests.

All of this has been done to make your time at Taskonaklar as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.